Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Conduit Speaks Review's WORM

Robert Nolan embodies Dodd with a wonderful air of pitiful hound dog-ness, a genuinely pathetic posture, and all the menace of a closet Hannibal Lecter.  The voice over work is superb in relaying all that is unraveling inside the teacher's head.  And although the direction is workman-like, the story itself is so riveting, that I enjoyed not being distracted by any visual artistry and letting the narrative pull me along.  Perhaps there is a future for a feature length WORM.  Unlike most shorts I've watched that wrapped themselves up nicely;  Powell's film feels like there's something even more brutal on the horizon.  Let it be known that WORM is not visually graphic in it's depiction of violence, horror, etc.  It's an awfully troubling look at the most horrific violence of all:  the kind that festers inside a man's chest until it as no place to go other than out into an unsuspecting world. 2010

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