Thursday, April 21, 2011

Horrorphilia & Spooky Sean Review WORM

Char Hardin of Horrorphilia give's WORM (2010) 5 out of 5.

Richard Powell has written a solid good story that will simply keep the viewer on the edge of their seats. The dialogue is fast and flows with the sequences, and this viewer was quickly intrigued and got caught up in the story. I didn’t want it to end and when it did, I screamed, “Well shit fire and hide the matches boys, it’s over!” As stated before in another short film review, but just a re Rminder, I rate shorts on different scale instead of 1-10, I use the short scale 1-5. Before I watched this film, I had never heard of Robert Nolan, Richard Powell or Zach Green, but after eighteen minutes and eleven seconds, I feel, I know enough to say, well done gentlemen! I feel that WORM deserves 5 out of 5 and I wish you all nothing but the best. I highly recommend this short and should it ever become a full length feature, you can bet your asses, it would make its’ way into my psychological thriller section of my DVD collection.

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Spooky Sean Review's WORM

The more I watch, and the more I read, the more I realize that everything comes back to character. You can have the best plot for a film in the universe, but if the character’s are cliche and snap off terrible, unbelievable dialogue, then it is all for naught. Which is why I find myself gravitating towards stories that turn inward. I now search out stories that get right inside a character’s head. These seem to be the most terrifying. Which brings us to Richard Powell’s short film, Worm. Most importantly, it introduces us to our main character, Geoffrey Oswald Dodd. Written and Directed by Richard Powell, and produced by Zach Green, Worm tells the story of Geoffrey, a teacher who, on the outside, appears perfectly normal. Yet, we get to hear what Mr. Dodd thinks, and it far different from what he says. Terrifyingly inconsistent, you might say.

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