Friday, February 24, 2012

Dread Central review of "FAMILIAR"

"FAMILIAR" 2012 review from Dread Central

So just when you think you know exactly where John's story is going to play out in Familiar, Powell flips everything on its side and delivers a third act that would no doubt have David Cronenberg and Frank Henenlotter high-fiving each other in a theater if this were playing on a big screen (and to say anything beyond that would be a disservice to Powell's story).  As a storyteller, Powell has done damn fine work here as it's not an easy feat to give viewers 24 minutes of a voiceover and not have it become tedious. But in Familiar the VO works- partially due to Powell's script and partially due to the stellar performance by leading man Nolan, whose passive and restrained performance is downright perfection and evokes an uneasy atmosphere from frame one that never waivers. I'd love to see more from both Powell and Nolan in the future.
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