Sunday, March 4, 2012

FAMILIAR (2012) Horror Unlimited

As the 2012 horror film-festival circuit starts to build momentum, there’s an Indie  Film production company called Fatal Pictures, comprised of writer/director Richard Powell and producer Zach Green. Their style is a mix of dark drama and sheer fright that tends to deal with the horrors inside ourselves rather than the world around us. They are 2 people you should definitely watch out for!  This dynamic duo made their first short, CONSUMPTION, in 2008, and more recently  completed WORM (2010) and FAMILIAR (2012), both starring Robert Nolan. WORM has been out a little while now, screening at events like The Sydney Underground Film Festival, Dark Bridges Film Festival, and The Horror Society Film Fest, but expect more play around the country this year, along with FAMILIAR


The film is basically broken into two sections: The first half has a similar structure  to WORM, where we hear what’s going on in John’s mind. As a storyteller, Mr. Powell has done damn fine work here as it's not an easy feat to give viewers 24 minutes of a voice over and not have it become tedious. But in Familiar, it works well... due to Powell's script and partially to the stellar performance by leading man Robert Nolan, whose passive and restrained performance is downright perfection and evokes an uneasy atmosphere from frame one that never waivers. Read full review here.

A very big special thanks to GREG PETALOUDIS & everyone at Horror Unlimited & Diabolique Magazine !

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