Monday, January 2, 2012

The Blood Sprayer Review's "FAMILIAR"

The Blood Sprayer Review's FAMILIAR

The team at Fatal Pictures consisting of writer/director Richard Powell, producer Zach Green, and actor Robert Nolan came to us with a previous endeavor of theirs’ known as Worm. Worm got to me.  I was genuinely intrigued by the up and down emotional trek it took me on.  I would liken their previous film  to that of a Fugazi song with its build up, drop off, build up, etc.  Naturally, after being contacted by producer Zach Green about the next chapter in this team’s history,  it stirred up curiosity wondering what they could’ve concocted this time around.  Worm took the route of punishing the mind.  My assumption was that Familiar would take a similar route. I was half right… Read full review here.

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