Monday, January 9, 2012

Knifed in Venice review of "FAMILIAR"

Knifed in Venice review's "FAMILIAR" & Interview with
Writer/Director Richard Powell

In 2008 Richard Powell and producer Zach Green delivered their atmospheric horror Consumption which deals with the unique and difficult subject of voluntary cannibalism.  Two years later they offer up the first half of the disturbed Dodd brothers (Geoffrey) played by Robert Nolan who is a gentle and quiet high school teacher with something dark and malevolent rotting inside of him.  Familiar sees Geoffrey’s brother John (also played by Robert Nolan) as he survives a suburban existence with wife Charlotte (Auza) and daughter Jordan (Hostick) which he has come to detest.  With an increasingly forceful voice inside his head demanding he breaks free from this life he slowly comes to suspect that the voice is not his own.  It’s only after a series of traumatic events at home that John comes face to face with his conflict. Read full review here.

Getting Familiar - An Interview with Director Richard Powell

When it comes to the horror genre there's as many ditches as peaks on the cinematic landscape.  It's the marriage of supernatural and humanistic themes that create the most iconic film offerings that stand the test of time because they've been able to tap into an instinctive, evolutionary, fear that lives within us as a species.  Over the past three years Richard Powell has documented the underlying darkness that lives in the souls of man with Consumption, Worm and now Familiar and has breathed fresh life and intelligence into a genre that has become increasingly obsessed with gratuitous imagery over any actual narrative.  I've been fortunate to be able to pick the brains of the man who is making all the right moves in cinema.
Read full interview here.

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