Monday, January 30, 2012

IndyRed Review's "FAMILIAR"

Independent what? Naw. This just HAS to be HollyWood.

Now. I'm not to be easily impressed but this damn short film looks fantastic! When you say Independent versus HollyWood we all have visions of what one looks like compared to the other. And the visual style and editing of this film not only blurs that line, but almost erases it completely. It's all here. The smooth panning shots right down to the 'I can't tell where the edits are' edits. The only way to do it any justice is to watch it when you can. It looks great. What's more? The slow dread that begins to build up as you watch is done so perfectly! You may call it atmosphere but I call it damn good writing. And considering the limited settings in the film my previous statement is a bigger compliment.  The acting is superb. Something I've come to expect from Mr. Nolan. I do think that he's outdone himself this time though. The narration he gives during the movie itself is really quite amazing. The supporting cast are no slouches either. Doing a fantastic job in their roles and completely destroying the 'Cheese' factor. What the viewer sees from them is a normal family. Excellent! Read full review here.

IndyRed give's Familiar 4.5 / 5

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